The current version of the ypbind-mt is: 1.32

The ypbind-mt package contains a multithreaded ypbind daemon for Linux. It uses threads for better response and supports the ypbind protocols version 1 and version 2. A list of features from this new implementation:

  • Supports bindings to multiple domains.
  • Supports /var/yp/binding/* file for Linux libc 4/5 and glibc 2.x.
  • Supports a list of known secure NIS server (/etc/yp.conf)
  • Binds to the server which answered as first if the old one is down.
  • Check all 15 minuts, if the current server is really the fastest.

ypbind-mt 1.32 is the latest stable version. Read the ypbind-mt NEWS and ChangeLog file for more information.

ypbind-mt compiles and works on Linux with glibx 2.x (libc6). Due a bug in the SunRPC code, you should use glibc 2.0.x or glibc 2.1.1 and greater. It should work on every System with POSIX threads and glibc 2.x.

Download: Something from the TODO list:
  • Write better yp.conf parser.
  • Better support for multihomed hosts.
  • Make time for fastest server check an option (15min. in the moment)

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