The current version of the yp-tools is: 2.12

The yp-tools package contains the programs domainname, nisdomainname, ypcat, ypchfn, ypchsh, ypdomainname, ypmatch, yppoll, ypset, ypwhich and yppasswd. yp-tools 2.x is a complete rewrite of the yp-tools 1.x. It should replace the old yp-clients 2.x and yp-tools 1.x. Read the yp-tools NEWS and ChangeLog file for more information.

Download: Something from the TODO list:
  • ypwhich should support ypbind protocol version 3, but I don't know that protocol.
  • Need translations for other languages then german, english and swedish.

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Last modified: Fri Aug 13 09:09:17 CEST 2010